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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is an invasive iguana?

A: An invasive iguana refers to the green iguana (Iguana iguana) species that has become established and thrives in Florida’s subtropical climate. These iguanas are not native to Florida and pose a threat to the local ecosystem and infrastructure.

Q: Why do I need professional iguana removal services?

A: Professional iguana removal services are necessary to safely and effectively remove invasive iguanas from your property. These experts have the knowledge, experience, and tools to handle the capture and removal of iguanas, ensuring the safety of both humans and the animals.

Q: Are iguanas dangerous to humans?

A: In general, iguanas are not considered dangerous to humans. However, they can become aggressive if they feel threatened or cornered, and their bites can cause injury. It’s best to leave the handling and removal of iguanas to trained professionals.

Q: Can iguanas cause damage to property?

A: Yes, iguanas can cause damage to property. They are known to dig burrows, cause erosion, and damage landscaping, gardens, and structures. Their droppings can also create unsightly messes and contribute to property damage.

Q: Are iguanas protected in Florida?

A: Green iguanas are not protected in Florida, and they can be removed from private property without a permit. However, it’s important to follow the guidelines and regulations set by local authorities and wildlife management agencies.

Q: How do iguana removal services work?

A: Iguana removal services typically start with an assessment of the property to identify iguana activity and potential entry points. The experts will then employ humane trapping methods to capture and remove the iguanas. They may also provide recommendations for preventing future infestations.

Q: Can iguanas be relocated after removal?

A: In most cases, iguanas that are captured during removal are euthanized, as relocation can lead to the spread of the invasive species to new areas. It’s essential to adhere to local regulations and guidelines regarding the handling and disposal of captured iguanas.

Q: How can I prevent iguanas from coming onto my property?

A: To deter iguanas from your property, you can install barriers such as fences or deterrents like motion-activated sprinkler systems. Additionally, removing food sources and maintaining a tidy yard can make your property less appealing to iguanas.

Q: Are there any laws or regulations regarding iguana removal in Florida?

A: In Florida, iguana removal is regulated by local ordinances and wildlife management agencies. It’s important to familiarize yourself with the specific rules and guidelines in your area to ensure compliance during the removal process.

Q: Can iguana removal services help with iguana-proofing my property?

A: Yes, many iguana removal services also offer iguana-proofing solutions for properties. They can provide recommendations and assistance with installing barriers, sealing entry points, and implementing other measures to make your property less susceptible to iguana infestations.