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Understanding why controlling of the iguana population is important,

Understanding why controlling of the iguana population is important, but doing something about it before they get out of control is more important to save even more in costly repairs. A single female iguanas can lay an average of 15 – 70 eggs a year, it only takes a few in you’re area to create an infestation. But their eggs can also be transported through dirt and mulch, causing areas where iguanas were not present before, will now have hatchlings everywhere and eating up everything.
Iguanas love to eat vegetation, but this is not all they do. They dig burrows and if left alone these burrows can get up to 80′ deep. In a populated area there will be several burrows and they can all intersect with each other like ant colonies, but much bigger. These burrows can cause all types of structural issues to buildings, waterways, roads, and bridges. They also commonly get on roofs and break tiles and get in under overhangs on roofs. This allows them access to decorative moldings, soffits, attics and a variety of vents. Iguanas cannot back up, so they can get stick if there is not an straight through path or enough room to turn around. Iguanas are great diggers with their razor sharp claws and can dig their way through a variety of materials homes have. We have commonly removed iguanas from rain gutters, attic, ac vent lines, microwave and dryer vents, inside homes and enclosed patio areas.

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Iguanas are mostly herbivores but are also opportunistic omnivores and will eat eggs, snails and small animals. We’ve observed them wrecking birds nest, owl and gopher tortoise burrows. Iguanas may not seem to be directly effecting you, but they are throwing our ecosystem off balance for our native animals, having to compete for food and space. Iguanas can grow more than 6′ long and do not have many predators in Florida and where we have personally witnessed our native wildlife enjoying these lizards, these iguanas have fewer and fewer predators when the exceed more than 3-4′ in length. Be observate and don’t delay removing them from your property, shewing them is not going to stop the problem.

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Knowing why we do what we do, will only help keep Florida beautiful for generations to come.

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